The Port of Felixstowe International Regatta 2007

Notice of Race

Race Committee

Ewen Stamp            Race Officer            RHYC

Mike Oldroyd            Assistant Race Officer            WSC

Nigel Mower            Chairman, Organising Committee            HPYC

Herb Larrabee            Chairman, Protest Committee

Ian Bucklitsch            Vice Chairman, Organising Committee            WFYC

Peter Cockayne                    RHYC

Ken Wheeler                       HPYC


Entry Form

The entry form is contained within the Port of Felixstowe International Regatta 2007 handbook, The SailEast Handbook and on this regatta website.


Title Sponsors

Hutchison Ports (UK)


Principal Supporters

Suffolk Yacht Harbour

Clarke & Carter (Interyacht) Ltd

East Anglian Sea School


1                     rules and rya racing charter

1.1          The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in

a)                  The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2005-2008.

b)                  ISAF Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) Category 4 Monohull.

c)                  The IR2000 Rules parts 1, 2, and 3.

d)                  One Design Class Association Rules.

e)                  The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

1.2          Competitors should note that the organising clubs of the Port of Felixstowe Regatta implement the RYA Racing Charter. Competitors are required to undertake to sail in compliance with the Charter, which can be found at the front of the RYA rule book (Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008) or at

1.3          No national authority prescriptions will apply.

1.4          Team racing rules will not apply to the Regatta Team Challenge.

1.5          Other rules and requirements:

a)                  All boats shall carry an operating VHF marine radio.

b)                  All boats shall have a functioning engine and adequate fuel.

c)                  All boats are to avoid commercial shipping and immediately comply with all instruction from the Harwich Haven Authority when close to or inside designated shipping channels. If the Harwich Haven Authority reports to the race committee that a boat had failed to comply with all instruction, that race committee will disqualify that boat from the regatta. Further action by Protest Committee is at the discretion of the Protest Committee.

1.6          In the event of a conflict, the Sailing Instructions will prevail.

2                     Advertising

Advertising will be restricted to Category C.

3                     ELEGIBILITY and Entry

3.1          The regatta is open to any mono hull boat that:

a)                  Meets the minimum standards laid out in the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations 2006 – 2007 (OSR) Category 4 Monohull (see Notes on the safety requirements).

b)                  Has a functional engine and adequate fuel.

c)                  Carries a functional marine VHF radio transceiver.

d)                  IRC classes - Has an IRC TCC of 0.750 or above and SSSN of 10 or more.

e)                  Local Handicap class – Has a local (PY based) handicap issued by the Race Committee for sole use during this event

3.2          All Haven Series IRC entrants are eligible for the appropriate Haven Series trophies and prizes. All IRC entered boats will be eligible for SailEAST season's points and prizes for the designated SailEAST races – races 2, 3 and 4.

3.3          The Race Committee may waive certain safety eligibility requirements where a boat's design prohibits their complete application provided:

a)                  the Race Committee is notified in writing of any shortcomings by the close of entries and

b)                  the boat and crew complies with all specific conditions of entry laid down by the Race Committee.

This does not alter the Committee's rights under RRS 76.1 (Exclusion of Boats or Competitors).

3.4          The entry form is at the back of the Handbook; it may also be found in the SailEAST handbook and on this Regatta website.

3.5          Refund of entry fees is at the discretion of the Regatta Committee. The race pack will be sent to those competitors whose entry form and payment have been received by 18th May 2007.

3.6          Late entrants must collect the race pack from the Race Office at Suffolk Yacht Harbour.

3.7          Closing date for Entries is 7th May 2007. Late entries may be received at the discretion of the Organizing Committee and subject to an additional entry fee as set out in 5.2 below.

4                     Classification

The ISAF Sailor Classification Code will apply.

5                     Fees

5.1          Required fees are as follows: Entry fee 60

5.2          Other fees:

Entries received after 7th May but before 11th May shall pay an additional fee of 15 (i.e. a total fee of 75).   Entries received after 11th May shall pay an additional fee of 30 (i.e. a total fee of 90).

6                     Qualifying Series and Final Series

6.1          X-332 East Coast Championship:

The X-332 East Coast Championship will be run as part of the Regatta. This is a class recognized event and will be subject to any X-332 class rulings. The Championship will be run under IRC.

6.2          Half Ton Mini-Series:

There will be a Half Ton Mini-Series within the Regatta for half-tonners complying with the Half Ton Class Europe definitions and conditions.

6.3          The Regatta Team Challenge:

Open to three-boat teams from recognized clubs and associations. For entry form, apply to:

Box PoFIR, c/o Walton & Frinton Yacht Club, Mill Lane, Walton on the Naze, CO14 8PF or the Race Office, or download the Team Challenge Form here.


6.4        Local Handicap (PY) Race

            There will be a ‘Local Handicap Races’ for Yachts racing without IRC certificates,

7                     Schedule

7.1          Registration is not required.

7.2          Measurement and Inspection: OSR cat 4 inspections and measurement checks may be carried out at any time when not actually racing.

7.3          Dates of Racing, number of races and scheduled time for warning signal for the first race of each day


HW Harwich



First Start Time



Second Start Time

Saturday 26th May






Sunday 27th May






Monday 28th May






8                     Measurements (and Rating)

8.1          For IRC classes the rating in force for any race of the Regatta shall be that valid seven days before the event starts.
For the Local Handicap class the rating in force for any race of the Regatta shall be declared by the Race Committee by 19:00 on Friday 25th May.

Other than

a)                  In exceptional circumstances (at the discretion of the Race Committee), or:

b)                  For boats being rated for the first time.

8.2          Rating Protest

A boat may protest another boat alleging that her rating is incorrect or that she does not comply with her class rules only if they are in the same race, and her written protest shall be accompanied by a protest fee of 25, which is forfeited if the protest is dismissed or invalid.

Unless the protest committee decides otherwise, no penalty will apply to any race completed before the protest form is lodged. This changes rule 60.1 (a).

8.3          Corrections – notwithstanding 8.2, the Race Committee has discretionary powers to correct errors in ratings.

9                     Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions are provided within the Port of Felixstowe Regatta handbook. The Sailing Instructions may also be downloaded from this website.

10                 RACE AREA

The “Port of Felixstowe Regatta Racing Area” shows the location of the racing area.

11                 The Courses

The diagram “Port of Felixstowe Regatta Racing Area” shows the approximate location of the fixed marks. The race committee shall post the course prior to the warning flag for each fleet.

12                 Penalty System

12.1       Rule 44.1 will apply.

12.2       If the Protest Committee finds that a boat has broken a rule (other than a rule under RRS Part 2 or a starting rule) it may:

a)                  Disqualify the boat, or

b)                  Impose a scoring penalty of 20% (minimum 3 places) in accordance with RRS 44.3(c).

13                 Scoring

13.1       The scoring system for each race of the Regatta will be awarded in accordance with the Low Point System (RRS Appendix A4.1). Each race will score equally.

13.2       Overall Regatta - Five races, four to count (three if four races, all if fewer) (except in the Regatta Team Challenge where no discard will be allowed). Ties shall be broken in accordance with RRS A8.

14                 Haul-Out RESTRICTIONS

Keel boats shall not be hauled out during the regatta except with and according to the terms of prior written permission of the race committee.

15                 Diving Equipment and Plastic Pools

Underwater breathing apparatus and plastics pools or their equivalent shall not be used around keel boats between the preparatory signal of the first race and the end of the regatta.

16                 Radio COmmunication

16.1       All boats are required to carry an operating VHF marine radio.

16.2       A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile phones and restricted availability WEB sites.

16.3       The Race Committee may use VHF (Ch72) as an aid to provide information using call sign ‘Regatta One’, and addressing the fleet as “Port of Felixstowe Regatta Fleet’. All boats should be able to listen on this channel as prescribed in the Sailing Instructions.

17                 Prizes

17.1       Trophies and regatta glassware will be awarded for each day’s racing and for the Regatta as a whole.

17.2       The following trophies will be awarded:

Races 1 and 2 combined

IRC Class 1

Trimley Shield


IRC Class 2

Fagbury Shield


IRC Class 3

Collimer Shield


IRC Class 4

Orwell Shield


PY Class

Stratton Shield

Races 3 and 4 combined

IRC Class 1

Fox's Class 1 Shield


IRC Class 2

Fox's Class 2 Shield


IRC Class 3

Fox's Class 3 Shield


IRC Class 4

Fox's Class 4 Shield


PY Class

Fox's Class 5 Shield

Regatta Class

IRC Class 1

Clarionet Trophy


IRC Class 2

Pala Trophy


IRC Class 3

Aina Trophy


IRC Class 4

Walton Trophy


PY Class


IRC Division 1 Overall

1st Class 1 & 2

Dolphin Trophy

IRC Division 2 Overall

Class 3 & 4

Dolphin Trophy

Team Challenge (IRC entries)


Baltic Trophy


Disabled Sailor

Fresh Herring Trophy

Most Meritorious Performance


Hutchison Ports (UK) Cup

Regatta Glassware will be awarded to leading boats in each of the 5 classes in each race, and to any one design classes for which there are sufficient entries.

Hutchison Ports Cup will be awarded at the discretion of the committee.


17.3       Other Series - The following Regatta races also qualify as part of the series indicated:


Regatta Races Qualifying



2 - 4 (inclusive)

SailEAST prize giving will be on Sunday evening

Haven Series (IRC)

All Races

Landamore Trophy.
NB: - These races do not count towards the Haven points series

Half Ton Class Europe

1 – 4 (inclusive)

Half Ton prize giving will be Sunday evening

All are subject to meeting their respective association's safety and entry eligibility criteria.

18                 Disclaimer of Liability

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept and liability for material damage or personnel injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.

19                 Insurance

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 2,000,000, or equivalent thereof in any other currency for any accident.

20                 Further Information


Updates and answers to ‘FAQ’s’ will be published on the Regatta website

For general enquiries:  The Chairman POFIR, Nigel Mower, Tel 07803 038672 or

For Entries, Rating changes, Rules and results: Alec Moss Tel 07939 205727 or



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