21-05-07  Amendment No 1 published.


The Port of Felixstowe International Regatta 2007

Amendment to Sailing Instructions

Amendment Number 1

 The following is an additional Sailing Instruction to be added to those already published:

 16.7     The Exoneration Penalty and the Advisory Hearing procedures of the RYA    Rules Disputes Procedures will be available.    See the official notice board for details


The following details will be displayed on the Official Notice Board for the Regatta.

 RYA Rules Disputes Procedures

A            Exoneration Penalty

A.1       A boat that may have broken a rule of Part 2, or rule 31.1 or 42, may, after finishing the race concerned and before the start of a related protest hearing, notify the race committee that she accepts a 20% scoring penalty as stated in rule 44.3(c), (except that the minimum penalty is two places if that does not result in a score worse than DNF). This penalty does not reverse an OCS score, a disqualification under rule 30.3 or a penalty under Appendix P. It is not available for a breach of rule 2 or of class rules or for gross misconduct under rule 69. Nor is it available to a boat that caused injury or serious damage, or gained a significant advantage by her breach: in these circumstances, her penalty is to retire.

A.2       When an Exoneration Penalty is accepted,

        (a) neither the boat nor a protest committee may then revoke or remove the penalty.

        (b) the boat shall not be penalized further in a protest hearing when the protest committee decides that it was appropriate to the facts found and the applicable rules.

 B            Advisory Hearing

When there is an incident that will not result in the lodging of a protest or a request for redress, a boat may, within the protest time limit, lodge a request for an advisory hearing with the race office, and notify any other boat involved in the incident. An advisor will then call a hearing to learn what may have happened and will state whether any rule appears to have been broken, and by which boat. A boat may as a result notify the race office that she accepts an Exoneration Penalty when it applies to the incident, or choose to retire.

 C         RYA Arbitration

            The RYA Arbitration procedures shall not be available at this event.

 Note:    Further background and details of the RYA Rules Dispute Procedures are available on the RYA Website:



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